How does this work and what does it cost?

Step 1

Setup your new ‘In-Memory’ fundraising campaign on the CFN Platform:
  • Apply for a Charity account
  • Enter your Online Donations Facility URL to bring donors directly to your own ODF
  • Upload your logo and enter your Charity’s legal address and registration details
  • Provide your Fundraisers and Volunteers with Profiles to access your account
  • Show and explain this page to local Funeral Directors (FD’s)
  • Highlight our scheme’s benefits (no cash or print ads) - ask their co-operation
  • Provide your Local FD’s with free accounts
  • Follow up, supporting their staff training and commitment to making Notices for their Clients as soon as possible


Step 2

As your local FD’s begin using our Notices, each can offer ‘In Memory’ giving in your favour to any Client family.

This Diagram shows how our web site brings donors to your ODF (Online Donations Facility).

How our web site brings donors to your Online Donations Facility



A fee is only levied on a Notice if the Minimum Pledge Amount (MPA) has been reached. The MPA, and the fee are as follows:
United Kingdom GBP £350.00 £18.00 Included
European Union EUR €400.00 €20.00 *Included
USA USD $400.00 $20.00 Not included
Canada CAD $600.00 $30.00 Not included
Australia AUD $700.00 $35.00 Not included
South Africa ZAR R5 000,00 R250,00 Not included

*VAT is payable for Charities domiciled in the EU until 2021. For other countries, no UK VAT is payable

  • Should any Notice not receive the MPA in pledged donations, no fee will be levied
  • The fee is a set amount and does not increase should more money be pledged over and above the MPA
  • Each month payable invoices will be sent out via Xero accounting software